Life-size model of Toyota Camry created from 500,000 Lego bricks

Toyota’s eighth-generation Camry takes approximately 18 hours to produce and comprises of 30,000 individual components. However, these figures are incomparable to the 900 hour build time and excess of 500,000 individual bricks needed to construct this fantastic life-size Lego model.

Commissioned by Toyota Australia, the one-off Lego Camry was built by the only Lego-certified professional in the southern hemisphere, Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught. Officially unveiled on the 21 March in Melbourne at the Brickman Awesome exhibition.

Nicolas Hogios, Toyota Australia’s design chief felt that the project provides families with a fun and interactive experience to the new Camry, which Toyota launched in 2017. “It has been fascinating to observe how Ryan approached the build,” he commented. “Many of his processes align with our own design approach – moving from an idea sketch, to modelling, to final assembly.”

The model features signature details of the Camry, including, Toyota logos on the alloy wheels, hybrid lettering, working headlights, indicators and brake lights.

McNaught said: “I’m so excited to unveil my newest Lego creation. It’s taken over two months to build… but I’m really pleased with the outcome and can’t wait to see what everyone else thinks of it. I’m delighted we have partnered with Toyota and have had this opportunity to build my first full-scale Lego car.”


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